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what I see


The journey from seeing to interpreting takes many turns. The energy generated when I encounter a specific subject is eventually channeled in its unique way.


Though not divorced from outside influences, my paintings primarily take cues from my surroundings. Often work is based on a familiar scene or object, seen freshly on a new day, in a different light or changed season. Other times, insight gained from earlier paintings organically finds its way into the new work, this fresh perspective unearthing a richer understanding of the subject matter. Pieces become catalysts as I continue to explore what drew me to a particular place, scene, or object.


As I journey down new paths, I act first from inspiration, no contrivance or

over-planned composition. Preliminary sketches are usually a few lines. More definition only serves to take the life out of the process. I don’t consciously plan a painting based on rules of composition or color. Those elements are a natural part of the creative process and work themselves seamlessly into a new painting.

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